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History Basics

Going through basic ideas of all the years of American History.
Comes from the cards. 1st test, trial.

Buchananunmarried president
John Wilkes BoothLincoln killer
Promontory PointCross country rr. joined
St. Louis landmarkGateway Arch
Charles Lindgerghsoloed the Atlantic 1st
Bruno Hauptmanconvicted killer/kidnapper
Crazy Horseat the Custer battle
Cuban Missle Crisisalmost war with Soviets
Watergatescandal destroying Nixon
1950most people got TV's
West Virginiacreated during Civil War
Daniel Booneearly KY pioneer
Kitty Hawk1st flight
Davy CrockettTenn. hero/Alamo
War of 1812White House burned
Northwest Ordinancelaw for early Big Ten
Korean WarMASH event; 1950-53
Depression beginsstock market crash
Carnegieearly steel millionaire
GettysburgC.War turning point


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