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Culture and Religion Review

CultureCulture is a complex whole which includes knowledge art beliefs and morals aquirred by man as a member of society
Parts of Culture:Social, Economic, Educational, Political, Religious, and Technical
Nuclear familyfound in developed areas
Extended familyfound in traditional areas
Patrichalmale dominated society
Matriachalfemale dominated society
Culture Diffusionwhen a culture trait is spread from one society to another
ethnocentrismbelief that your country is the best
Stereotypea label given to groups of people because of race, nationality, sex, religion, or dress
Subsistence farminggrowing enough for your own needs
Undeveloped country has:low standard of living, low literacy rate, little capital, agricultural economy, high population
nationalismfeeling of pride for your country
imperialismwhen a country takes over a weaker area, usually results in colonialization
Islam Religionpracticed in Middle East and Pakistan
Mosqueplace of worship
MeccaHoly City
MedinaWhere Islam started
AllahGod of Islam
KaranHoly Book of Islam
MohammedFounder of Islam religion
MoslemFollower of Islam
KabbaBlack meteorite of Islam religion
Monotheisticbelief in one god
5 Pillars of faithProfession of faith, 5x a day turn to mecca and pray, give charity to poor, fast during holy month of Ramadan, make a pilgrimage to mecca
RamadanIslam holy month
Hinduism religionPracticed in India
Brahamacheif god
Vishnupreserver god
Sivadestoyer god
Krishnagod of love
Lochsmiegoddess of wealth and luck
Ganeshagod of celebration(elephant face)
Hanumangod of sports and athletes
Kaligoddess of death, war, and time
Reincarnationwhen your soul is reborn into a newly created life
Kharmahow you live your life
Dharmaduties or obligations
Caste Systemsocial class of Hinduism
Animismreligion found in tribal Africa and some islands of SE Asia
Shamanmedicine man or witch doctor-uses magic
Taboosomething forbidden by tradition
Ritualactions done in the same way for ceremony
Buddhism Religionpracticed mostly in SE Asia
Siddartha Gautamafounder of buddhism
4 Noble Truthsall life is suffering, suffering is caused by desire, desire can be eliminated, elimination can be acheived through the 8-Fold Path
8 Fold Pathright views, right effort, right mindfulness, right right intentions, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right concentration
Confucionism PhilosophyFound in China, believe in relationship behavor to have harmony in society and nature
Taoism Philosophyfound in China, true peace and harmony are found in following the ways of nature
Shinto Religionfound in Japan, focuses on nature

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