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weatherstate of the atmosphere at a given time or place
meteorologythe study of the atmosphere
humiditythe amount of moisture in the air
windchilltemperature the body feels due to air temperature and wind effects
ozoneoxygen molecule made of 3 oxygen atoms,important to absorve ultraviolet radiation
radiationmovement of heat trough electromagnetic waves
conductionmovement of heat by coming in contact with hotter objects
convectionmoving of heat in currents of gas or liquids
greenhouse effecttrapping of heat from the sun by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
evaporationthe change from liquid water to liquid vapor
condensationthe change from water vapor to liquid water
specific humiditythe amount of water vapor actually present in the air
relative humiditycompares the actual amount of water in the air with the maximum amount of vapor the air can hold
hygrometerinstrument used to measure relative humidity
saturationhow much moisture the air can hold
precipitationwater falling from the air in any form
capacitythe amount of water the air can actually hold at a certain temperature
dewcondensation onto a surface
frostsolid condensation on asurface below freezing (0C)
dew pointtemperature at which air becomes saturated

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