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Ancient Greece and Rome Review

The city states of GreeceAthens and Sparta
Wars that involved Ancient GreecePersian Wars, Trojan Wars, and Pelopennisian Wars
Contributions of Ancient GreeceDemocracy, Plympic Games. Philosophy, Theatre, Language, and Architecture
Social classes of RomePatricans, Plebians, and Slaves
509 B.C.Roman Republic established
Punic warswars w/ Carthage
First triumverateJulius Caeser, Pompey, Crassus
Second TriumverateMark Antony, Lepidus, Octavian
Greeces most imprtant contributionDemocracy
44 B.C.Caesar was assassinated
27 B.C.Augustus Caesar starts his rule of the Roman Empire
476 A.D.Fall of Roman Empire
Contributions of RomeLaw, Public works, Architecture, Literature, Language, and Numbers

Wendy Wehunt

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