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system of gov. which powers were divided between central gov. - individual statesfederal system of government
system of gov. which a constitution limited monarch's powerlimited constitutional monarchy
monarch from 1558 to 1603 who established a strong central gov. while respecting rights of parlamentElizabeth I
monarch who beleaved in divine right of kings and who ordered new translation of bible to englishJames I
leader/tooked power after charles I was beheaded/bacame essentially a military dictatoroliver chromwell
1st english sea captain to sail around worldSir Franis Drake
monarch under whose rule American colonists revoltedKing George III
deafeat of Armada in1588 began decline of sea power ofSpain
Piritains became increasingly unhappy aboutpractices of Anglican church
Navigation act of 1651 marked beganning of englandspolicing of seas
1 safegaurd against arbitrary rule was Habeas Corpus act, whichprotected individuals against illegal arrest and unlawful inprisonment
presbyterian church was established byscots
1st permanet English settlement in N. America established in 1706Jamestown, Virgina
1st battle of american revolution in Mass. on April 19, 1775lexington and concord
Upstate NY captured by ethan alen and Green MT Boys in winter 1775Ticonderoga
1777 in upstate NY is turning point of American revolutionSaratoga-French goined us/formed allaince
Washingtons surprise croossing of ___ on X-mas 1776 helped him defeat british at____Delaware River / trenton
foregein military comander who asisted in training/leading contental armylafyette
Battle of S. Carolina in 1781 which turned sight of revolutionary war in southCoupens
America's leading general on Western frontier capturing Kaskaskia/vincennesGeorge reogers Clark
amerian trader who plotted to surrendor West point to britishArnold
british general surrendered to Washington after what what battle in viginaCornwlice / yorktown
This document provived for government of US from 1781-1789articles of confederation
final battle of revolutionBlue licks
navel officerjohn paul jones
site in PA where washington spent wintervalley forge
people of 1700's referred to their century as theage of enlightenment
class of french society which was divided into bourgeoisie/laborers/artisans/peasentsthird estate
principal that all ruling former families should be returned to their throneslegitimacy
extremist who not only oppose change, but generally would like to turn clock back before certain changes occuredreactionaries
bourgeoisie consisted primarliy of city - dwelling middle class= merchants/manufacturers/profesionalsTrue
w/tenis court oath, louis XVI swore to meet all demands of 3rd estateFalse
Metternich opposed abolutismFalse
Danton/robespierre were leaders of this radical convention within nation conventionchickamauga
this organisation took over paris in 1792 and threatened violence unless legislative assembly abolished French monarcycommune
leader of extreme radicals in national convention who was later asasinatedJean-paul marat
wrote decleration of rights for women and was eventually gullotinedolympe de gouges
british military leader who opposed napolean at waterlooduke of wellington
cheif minister of austria and chairman of congress of vienna whose policies influenced Europe from 1818 until 1848metternich
is system of gov. which absolute monarchs ruled acording to principals of enlightenmentEnlightened depotism
wife of Louis XVI/daughter of Maria Theresa of austria/became early victim of rieghn of terror because of medling in politics-unpopular w/frenchmarie antoinette
love of 1's country rather than love of 1's native regionnationalism
put together in order to enforce principals of congress of Vienna and keep europe from revolutionary movements/included austria-russia-prussia-GBquadruisle alliance
napolean escaped from island ofElba
harper's farryjohn brown
uncle tom's cabinharreit beacher stove
went to take westmanafestany
return runways from n to s /1850futive slave law
west africa /"place of freedom"liberia
publisher/editor of abolitionist newspaper = liberatorWm. loyd garrison
virginan slave lead rebellion in 1831/55 whites killednet turner
not associated w/texas war for independencestephen kearney
james k. polk was president during mexican wartrue
Democratic party emerged from earlierwhig partyfalse
"dred scott decision' outlawed slavery in new territoriesfalse
lincolon beleaved in letting voters decide if slaves in state/ "popular sovereignty"false
protested mexican war/wrote walden and the duty of civil disobediencethoreau
former slave/wanted to see abolition achieved without violenceFredrick douglas
civil war general not from ohiogeorge b. mccleellan
1st land battle between confederates and unionbull run
not advantage of north in early yrs. of civial warfield leadership
"war is hell"ulysses s. grant
licoln's running mate in 1864 electionandrew johnson
nrothern democrats who sympothised w/southcopperheads
confederate hero at 1st bull run or Manassas junctionThomas j jackson
general of army of potomac/cautiousness/peninsular campaign and antietamgeorge b. mcclellen
bloodiest single day of warantietam
law which provided for accessibility of western land grants for all citizenshomestead act
capital of confederacyrichmond
turning point in civil wargettysburg
nurse/surved at antirtam/later founded red crossclara barton
lee split army-stonewall jackson was mortally woundedchancellorsville
surrrender papers were signed in a farm house in this townappomattox CH
confederates won battle of shilohfalse
british allied w/south during civil warfalse
emancipation proclamation freed only those slaves who lived behind enemy linestrue
battle of vicksburg effectivly cut south in halftrue
confederates named battles by geographic land marksfalse
comander of all union armies in 1864ulyess s grant
civil war camp in cloumbus ohcamp chase
former confederate general was 1st to lead ku klux klan after civil warforrest
constitutional admendment that abolished slavery13th
3 part strategy of union to defeat confederacycapture richmond/split confederacy in 2(between miss-ten vallies/set up blockades so south can't get supplies
ming established this official philosophy of china/attitudes/teachings ofconfucius
conflict brought on by chinese-influenced by christan teachings/attempt to establish new dynasty in 1850taiping rebellion
ottoman empire reached its greatest height of leadership undersuleyman the magnificent
strong central gov. was established by turkic dynasty in pursia durring 1500'ssafavid
7yrs. war ended colonial competition in india between GB andfrance
british recieved this island from chines as result of opium warisfahan
argicultural/idustrial revolution began inGB
industry 1st to undergo mechanizationcotton textiles
industry most benefitedmiddle class
US steel company was formed byJP Morgan
gov. system which gov. owns means of production -operates them for welfare of peoplesocialism
marx's termfor working classproletariat
system of gov. which state controls most production means,/econmic planning/ignores basic human rightscommunism
enclosure forced small farmers off their lands into citytrue
domestic system fdeatured work done in the home as opposed to a factorytrue
Karl marx/Friedrich engles published communist manifestotrue
study of people and their cultureanthropology
composer of nutcrackertchaikovsky
hunchback of notre damehugo
american author of adventure stories idealizing nayive americans/frointercooper
developed periodic tablemendeleyev
developed theory of evolutiondarwin
created theroy of relativatyeinstein
people opposed free education in 1800's for fear it would raise their taxestrue
twain wrote On the orign of speciesfalse
tolstoy wrote war and peacetrue
1st country in world to adpot voting rightsNew zeland
US congress passed this act in order to give some form of gov. to frointeer settlers west of apsnorthwest ordinance
louisiana purchase was conclued between US andFrance
admendment in 1920 gave women in US right to vote19th
crimean war was fought between france andRussia
great south american revolutionary was called "the liberator" by latin American-had country named after himbolivar
voting rightssuffrage
US presiden/opposed European interference in western hemispheremonroe
france won franco -prussion warfalse
florence nightengale worked as a nurce during civil warfalse
leader of red shirt army in italygarabaldi
german policy "speeches and majorities..but iron and blood"otto van bismark
lower house of german gov.reichstag
russia was defeated by __in 1905japan
w/ottoman empire colapse, russia wantedMediteranian sea
russian parlamentduma
massacres of jews in russiapogroms
the union of all skavic people under russian leadership was termed Russificationfalse
bloody sunday triggered the successful 1905 Russian Revolutionfalse
domination by powerful nation over economic/political /cultural affairs in another nation-regionimperialism
sino-jap war fought betweenchinese/jap
india was controlled by european nation during 1800's and early 1900'sGB
US admeral who destroyed spenish fleet in manila baydewey
poet/"take up whiteman's burden"kipling
japan industrailized by this govmeiji
1898 US battleship exploded havana harbormaine
person who caused wilson to sent troops to mexicovilla
roosevelt corollary strenghten the monroe docterine but was depised by people of latin americatrue
navel base Us controls on island of cubacouantinamo bay

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