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Renaissance Review

Renaissancebegan in northern Italy, rebirth of learning
Renaissance valueshumanism, individualism, well-rounded, and classicism
Machiavelliwrote "The Prince"
Galileosaid the sun was the center of the universe
Gutenburginvented the printing press
Leonardo Da Vinciwas an artist and writer
Michalangelosculpted "David" and the "Pieta"
Martin Lutherwrote the 95 Theses
John Calvinstarted religion, Calvinism
King Henry VIIImade England follow a new religion, the Anglicon Church
Prince Henryfound a school for saliors
Diasfound a passage to India and named the southern tip of Africa
Columbusdiscovered North and South America
Vespuccicharted the coastline of Central America
John Cabotisexplored the coast of Canada
Vasco da Gamafound a route by Africa
Magellanwent around the world

Wendy Wehunt

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