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Math Theory Review

Basic number theory vocabulary will be used.

productAnswer for multiplication
quotientAnswer for division
sumAnswer for addition
differenceAnswer of subtraction
factorsNumbers that "fit into" another number: the numbers you multiply to get the product
Greatest Common FactorThe greatest factor that two numbers share
multipleNumbers that you get when you multiply by the same number:Example :multiples of 3 are 3, 6, 9, 12 , 15,....
perimeterDistance around an object: you add all the sides to find the perimeter
areaThe number of square units in an enclosed area: you multiply the length by the width to find
cubeLooks like an ice cube: all sides have the same measurement
cylinderLooks like a can of soup
rectangular prismLooks like a tissue box
Least Common MultipleWhen you compare the multiples of two numbers, it is the smallest one that is the same


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