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Principles of Ecology

Ecological terminology

ecologyinteraction of organisms and their environment
biotic factorliving parts of an ecosystem
abiotic factornonliving parts of an ecosystem
environmentliving and nonling portions combined
biospherearea of life
organisma single living thing
communitycombinations of all living organisms in a specific area
populationgroup of organisms that interbreed
ecosystemsentire planet and all the living and non living parts
herbivoreplant eater
carnivoremeat eater
omnivoreeats both plants and animals
predatorhunts other organisms
preythe hunted
producerutilizes light for photosynthesizing
consumereats another living organism
parasitismlives on or in another living thing at the expense of the other organism
mutualismboth organisms benefit from the relationship
decomposerbreaks down dead organisms
scavengereats an organism it did not kill

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