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Ancient Greece

This is a game to review vocabulary words on Ancient Greece.

peninsulaland surrounded by water on three sides
colonygroup of people who settle in a new land
Acropolisa hill-side fortress
Herodotusthe "Father of History"
monarchya system of government ruled by a king or queen
oligarchya system of government ruled by a few rich people
democracya system of government in which citizens make their own laws
assemblylawmaking body in a democracy
epica beautiful long poem
SocratesGreek philosopher and teacher
Periclesa great Athenian who led Athens during the height of its power and influrnce
tragedya type of play developed by the Ancient Greeks, which usually have a sad ending
Aeschylusone of the writers of tragedies in Ancient Greece
Platoa Greek philosopher and teacher
agoracentral marketplace in Ancient Greece

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