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Boy of the Painted Cave

Review key terms and vocabulary from the story.

Taoyoung boy who wanted to be an image maker
Voltthe leader of the clan
Kalaone who cared for Tao
Garththe black-bearded one (hunter)
Ramspirit of the hunt
VerdaTao's mother
GraybeardShaman, the chosen one
divertto turn aside; distract
shamenmedicine man or priest
tabooforbidden; bad luck
rituala religious ceremony
astrayoff the correct path
Secret Cavernplace where Shaman make images
Sloughforbidden place for the clan
banishedsent away
talonssharp claw of a bird of prey
impudencerude or bold behavior
hobbledto walk with difficulty
guttarala sound from the throat
embersa glowing piece of coal or wood from a fire
vaultingto leap or leap over with the aid of the hands or a pole
amuleta small object worn as a charm against evil
defiancethe act or insistance of defying
embankmenta raised bank or a wall to carry a roadway or hold back water
embersa glowing or smoldering fragment of fire
blarea large sound
foretellto tell beforehand; predict
savagewild or untamed
briersa plant with a thorny wood stem

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