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Animals with backbones and without backbones

Match up the correct meaning of each word

fishan animal that lives in water and breathes through gills
reptilean animal with a dry body covered with scales
birdan animal with feathers
amphibianan animal with smooth wet skin
mammalan animal that has hair or fur and drinks its mother's milk
backbonea long row of bones in the back of an animal
vertebratean animal with a backbone
groups of animalswith backbones and without backbones
invertebrateanimals without backbones
poreopening on a sponge
tentaclesarmlike body part
molluskan animal with a soft body
spongeanimals with opening all over their bodies
jellyfishan animal with tentacles
worman animal with a long soft body
spiney skinsan animal with hard points or spines covering their body
jointed legsan animal with legs that have sections

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