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Global Studies 3 - Persons involved in the Scientific Revolution Age - Ms. Dibner

This assignment helps students identify the names and roles of persons involved in the scientific revolution age

Thomas HobbesYou think that people are selfish and greedy. That's why you think that countries should have a strong government that can stop anyone from rebelling
John LockeYou think that people have the right to life, liberty (freedom), and property (things you own).
John Locke2You think that rulers have the responsibility to protect their rights. People should have the right to change a government that doesn't protect the people's rights.
MontesquieuYou think that the power of the government should be split into three branches (sections) so that one group doesn't have all the power.
Jean-Jacques RousseauYou think that people are basically good, but that society corrupts them.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau2You think that the people (not just the rulers) should make the laws.
NewtonYou came up with the idea of gravity. You created the theory of motion.
Newton2You used the theory of gravity to explain why the planets stay in the orbit and don't just fly off.
CopernicusYou believe in a heliocentric theory.
Copernicus2You believe that the planets rotate around the sun.
GalileoYou are a scientist who created an astronomical telescope. You noticed that the planets moved.
Galileo2You agreed with Copernicus that the earth rotates around the sun.
BaconYou are a scientist. You believe that people should do experiments to find out the truth.
Bacon2You should not just believe others "because they say so". He believed you should use the SCIENTIFIC METHOD to answer questions about the world.
Scientific MethodYou are not a person! You are a method of answering questions about the world.
Scientific Method2includes making a hypothesis and conducting experiments

Ms. Barham

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