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Chapter 5 vocabulary words

plateauan area of flat land that rises above the surrounding land.
droughtA long period of dry weather
cunnieformA system of writing that used wedged shaped symbols to represent sounds, ideas, and objects:developed in accient Sumer
city-stateA self governing city, often with surrounding lands and villages
zigguratA large temple located in the centers of accient Sumeriancities
polytheismthe belief in nany gods ands goddesses.
Code of LawA written set of laws that apply to everyone under government
JudaismThe religion of the Jewish people.
Torahthe first five books of the Hebrew Bible containing the laws and teachings of Judaism
montheismThe belief in one God.
Ten ComandmantsAccording to the hebrew laws God gave to Moses on Mount Sania
SabbathA weekly day of rest, prayer, and study
DiasporaThe scattering of Jews to many parts of the world

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