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Chapter 6 vocabulary words

subcontinentA large landmass that is connected to the rest of the continent
citadelA walled fort that prtects a city
migrateTo move from one place to another to live, especially a large group of people
VedasIn Hinduism, the accient books of scared songs on which much of its religious beliefs are
HinduismThe religion of India that grew outof the beliefs of the ancient Aryan peoples, it stresses that one main force connects all of life
caste systemthe social system in Hindh society in which a person's place is determined by the rank of the family into which he or she was born
reincarnationit is a Hindu belief that people move in a constant cycle of life, deaht and rebirth
dharmaIn Hinduism, the laws and duties that guide the behavior of the caste member
BuddismA religion founded in India by Siddhartha Gautama which teaches that most important thing in life is to reach peace by suffering
monkA man who devotes his life to a religous group, often gives up all he owns
karmaIn Hinduism and Buddhism, the end result of all of a person's good and bad acts, which determines his or her rebirth
Four Noble truthsIn Buddhism, the principles that rule life and promisses to end suffering
Eightfold PathIn Buddhism, the basicrules of behavior and belief leading to and end of suffering
Middle WayIn Buddhism, a way of life, neither to strict nor to easy, that results from following the Eightfold Path

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