Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Set 4, Vocabulary for April Morning

As a review for vocabulary,complete the flashcards,matching, and concentration games.

recollectionthe act or power of calling back to mind; a thing remembered
intrusionthe act of coming in without being asked; a disturbance
implacablethat which cannot be calmed or pacified
pallsomething that covers with darkness and gloom; a cloth put over a casket
tacticsthe art or science or maneuvering military forces; plans of action
apprehensionanxiety, nervousness
crescendothe gradual increase of loudness or force
frauddeceit; trickery
transpireto happen, to occur, to come to light
ravenouslygreedily, famished, extremely hungry
impiousnot religious
contagioustransmissible, carrying or capable or carrying a disease
contemplateto think about carefully, to ponder
heathena pagan
gibberishnonsense; rapid talk
inscrutablenot able to be understood
repulsivecausing extreme dislike; disgusting
nostalgiaa longing for things, persons, or situations not present
besiegeto surround with agressive intent; to harrass with requests
villainouswicked, criminal, obnoxious
taperssmall very slender candles; a long wax coated wick used to light candles
astoundedsurprised; struck with sudden wonder
vociferousmaking an outcry in protest; to exclaim loudly
vexto irritate or annoy
verbatimusing exactly the same words; word for word
vehementcharacterized by forcefulness of expression or intensity or emotion; strong: violent
subsequentfollowing in time or order: to follow
sanguinethe color of blood
sequesterto remove or set apart

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