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math match

match the word or phrase to the defination

letters that represent numbersvariables
empty seta set that contains no elements
{1,2,3,...}natural numbers
{0,1,2,3,...}whole numbers
a rectangular array of numbersmatrix
synthetic divisiona shortcut process to use when dividing a polynomial by a binomial
polynomial equationsetting two polynomials equal to eachother
quadratic equationpolynomial equation of degree 2
distance between the number and 0 on a number linesbsolute value
the opposite of squaring a numbertaking the square root of a number
equationa statement that two numbers are equal
two inequalities joined by the words AND or ORcompound inequalities
addition property of equalityguarantees that the same number may be added to or subtracted to both sides of an equation and the result is an equivalent equation
a value for the variable that makes the equation truesolution
quadrantel pointpoint on an axis
y=mx+bslop-intercept form
two lines intersecting at right anglesperpendicular lines
Ax+By=Cstandard from
the point located exactly halfway between the two endpoints of a line segmentmidpoint

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