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Characters in "Harry Potter."

Lily PotterHarry's mother
James PotterHarry's father
Albus DumbldoreHeadmaster of Hogwarts
Professor McGonagallteaches Transfiguration Class
Professor Snapeteaches Potions Class
Professor Quirrellteaches Defense Against the Dark Arts
Professor SnapeHe does not like Harry because he and Harry's Dad were enemies
Professor QuirrellHe tries to kill Harry
Professor QuirrellHe wears a turban that looks odd and reeks a foul odor
VoldemortAn evil wizard
VoldemortHe was unable to kill Lily Potter
VoldemortHe has stayed alive for ten years living in the turban of Professor Quirrel
Professor Flitwickteaches charms at Hogwarts
Professor FlitwickHe devised the flying keys obstacle
Professor Binnsteaches The History of Wizardry
Professor Sproutteaches Herbology at Hogwarts
Professor SproutHe is responsible for the creation of the Devil's Snare
Rubeus HagridKeeper of Keys and Ground at Hogwarts
Madam PinceLibrarian at Hogwarts
Madam PomfreyHead Nurse at Hogwarts
Madam HoochFlight Instructor at Hogwarts
Argus FilchPatrols the corridors of Hogwarts
Argus FilchHe is officially the Caretaker at Hogwarts
Mrs. NorrisFilch's cat
Mrs. NorrisPatrols the corridors at Hogwarts
Doris CrockfordThe old woman who puffed a pipe at the Leaky Caudron pub
Dedalus DiggleA wizard who meets Harry in the Leaky Cauldron
Madam MalkinOwns the shop Robes for all Occasions
Madam MalkinFits Harry for his school robes
Mr. OllivanderOwns the shop Maker of Fine Wands
Vernon DursleyHe is Harry's foster father
Vernon DursleyHe is the director of Grunnings, a firm that makes drills
Petunia DursleyLily Potter's sister and Harry's aunt
Dudley DursleyThe son of Vernon and Petunia
Piers PolkissDudley's friend
Piers PolkissA scrawny kid with a face like a rat
ScabbersRon's rat
TrevorNellie's toad
HedwigHarry's owl
FluffyThe three-headed monstor dog
FluffyCan be subdued by music
FluffyGuards the entry to the underworld
NorbetThe dragon that Hagrid hatches from an egg
NorbetSets little fires and bites Fang, Ron, and Hagrid
The UnicornLeaves a trail of blood
RonanA centaur who has red hair and a red beard
RonanHe believes the stars will tell the future
FirenzeA centaur who is sympathetic to Harry
BaneA centaur who is angry that Firenze has carried Harry on his back
The trollHe is set loose at the Halloween banquet to kill Harry
PeevesA ghost who is constantly on the prowl in the halls
The Bloody BaronHe is the resident ghost of Slytherin House
The Bloody BaronHis robes are stained with silver blood
Nearly Headless NickHe is the resident ghost of Gryffindor Tower
Nearly Headless NickHe prefers to be called Sir Nicholas de Mimsy
GriphookHe took Harry to the underground vaults at Gringotts
Draco MalfoyHe feels and acts superior to the others at Hogwarts even though the others make fun of him
Seamus FinniganHe says he is "half and half" because his dad is a Muggle and his mom is a wizard
Hermoine GrangerMade the highest grades of the first year students at Hogwarts
Ron WeasleyHarry's best friend

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