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Vocabulary Fourth Test #1-20

Study, Study, Study! Vocab words you need to know before next test, especially December 2!

longevitylong life
disparitydifference in kind; inequality
dissonanceharsh and unpleasant sound
heritagesomething inherited; i.e. property, traditions
monotonousdull, mundane, repetitious
submissivetending to be meek and submit
reclusesomeone who is shut off from the world
mercurialswift; active; changeable; fickle;
inundateto cover with, to overwhelm
exasperateto irritate
bedazzleto bewilder
vindicateto clear of blame, to support
anecdoteshort, funny story
fractiousunruly, rebellious, contumacious
jauntinessperkiness, frivolity
morosegloomy, sad, sullen
tyrantan oppressive and brutal dictator
cynicaldistrustful of others' motives
unconventionalnot following defined customs

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