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Writing ionic compounds

This is good practice for writing ionic compounds.

Al(+3) and SO4(-2)Al2(SO4)3
Ni(+2) and NO3(-1)Ni(NO3)2
Co(+3) and PO4(-3)CoPO4
Sn(+4) and O(-2)SnO2
NH4(+1) and C2O4(-2)(NH4)2C2O4
Ni(+3) and NO3(-1)Ni(NO3)3
Cu(+2) and C2H3O2(-1)Cu(C2H3O2)2
Cu(+3) and C2H3O2(-1)Cu(C2H3O2)3
Co(+2) and PO4(-3)Co3(PO4)2
Mg(+2) and CO3(-2)MgCO3
Mn(+2) and OH(-1)Mn(OH)2
Fe(+3) and SO4(-2)Fe2(SO4)3
Fe(+2) and SO4(-2)FeSO4
Pb(+4) and SO4(-2)Pb(SO4)2
Pb(+2) and SO4(-2)PbSO4
NH4(+1) and OH(-1)NH4OH
Na(+1) and HSO4(-1)NaHSO4
K(+1) and Cl(-1)KCl
Co(+2) and S(-2)CoS
H(+1) and ClO4(-1)HClO4

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