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Naming ionic compounds.

These are good practice for naming of ionic compounds.

FeCl3Iron (III) chloride
MgCO3Magnesium carbonate
Ni3PO4Nickel phosphate
NH4OHAmmonium hydroxide
Co(C2H3O2)3Cobalt acetate
Ag2SSilver sulfide
PbO2Lead (IV) oxide
CrPO4Chromium phosphate
Zn3(PO4)2zinc phosphate
Pb(NO3)2Lead (II) nitrate
LiClLithium chloride
AuCl3Gold (III) chloride
Ca(OH)2Calcium hydroxide
BaBr2Barium bromide
HClO3Hydrogen chlorate
Na2SO3Sodium sulfite
Pb3P4Lead (IV) phosphide
Fe(OH)2Iron (II) hydroxide
NaClSodium chloride
KNO3Potassium nitrate

Mr. Swango

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