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to declare not guilty free from blameacquit
to think belive to consider have an opiniondeem
to destroy lay wastedevastate
to throw doubt upon cause to be distributed to damage in reputation a loss or lack of belief comfidence or reputationdiscredit
difficult to catch or hold hard to explain or understandelusive
to bring to existance to be the cause ofgenerate
to worship as an idol make an idol of to love very muchidolize
lack of thankfulnessingratitude
something kept in memory of the giver a souvenirkeepsake
a being that must eventually die of or relation to such a being causing death fatal possible conceivablemortal
an enthusiastic public welcome an outburst of applauseovation
unimportant trivial narrow minded secondary in rank minorpetty
a condition or state usually bad to pledge promise solemlyplight
to feel sorry for what one has done or failed to dorepent
a daydream the condition of bing lost in thoughtreverie
an act or instance or calling back repealing an annulment cancellationrevocation
to examine closely skimscan
a beach or shore a string of wire hair etc to drive or run aground to leave in a hopeless positionstrand
bitter disagreement fighting strugglestrife
to fall forward to overturn bring about the downfalltopple
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