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What is absolute value?distance from zero on # line.
Which is the denominator? a/bb = denominator.The bottom #
Write 2036 in expanded form.2000 + 30 + 6
What is an improper fraction?12/7 , numerator is larger
Round 5,382 to the nearest 1005,400
Addition property of zero8 + 0 =8
What is a prime #?A # that is divisible by 1 and itself
Communitive property of multiplication5x3= 3x5
How do you find the area of a circle?Area = 3.14xr2
Associative property of addition(2+3)+6=2+(3+6)
Define an exponentrepeated multiplication
What is the circumference of a circle?The distance of the outside
What does quotient mean?Indicates division
What does product mean?It indicates multiplication
How many degrees is a right triangle?90 degrees
What is diff.between rate & ratio?Rates have units next to it.
How do you find the area of a square?Area =(side)(side)
How do find are of a triangle?Area = 1/2(base)(height)
What is a reciprocal?Two #'s whose product is one
Who's the greatest math teacher ever?Mrs.Erbas-White!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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