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Learn about wolves.

What Normal color of a wolf's fur in the Great Plains in the U.S.?brown and tan
What is a wolf?the ancester of dogs
What do wolves eat?Normally meat
How long are wolves?120 to 200cm and sometimes longer.
How much does the male wolf weigh?20 to 80kg
How much does the femal wolf weigh?18 to 55kg
How much do normal wolves weigh?35 to 45kg
What is a very rare weight for a wolf?80kg
Can adult wolves be domesticated?Not likely, it is very rare to domesticate an adult wolf.
Can wolf pups be domesticated?Yes, but they could turn on you at any time.
Do wolves eat people or bite them?It is very rare. The only time a wolf would attack or eat someone is if the have rabies, or they are very hungry.
Can wolves be friendly?It depends if the wolf was raised from a pup and treated with care. In the wild it is very rare to get close to a wolf because they are scaried of humans.

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