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Nervous System - Terms Built from Word Parts

Disease and Disorder, Procedural, Surgical and Complementary terms with definitions

neur/itisinflammation of the nerve
neur/omatumor made up of nerve (cells)
neur/algiapain in a nerve
neur/o/arthr/o/pathydisease of nerves and joints
neur/o/blastdeveloping nerve cell
neur/asthenianerve weakness (nervous exhaustion, fatigue, and weakness)
encephal/o/malaciasoftening of the brain
encephal/itisinflammation of the brain
encephal/o/myel/o/radicul/itisinflammation of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve roots
mening/itisinflammation of the meninges
mening/o/celeprotrusion of the meninges
mening/o/myel/o/celeprotrusion of the meninges and spinal cord
radicul/itisinflammation of the nerve roots
cerebell/itisinflammation of the cerebellum
gangli/itisinflammation of the ganglion
dur/itisinflammation of the dura mater
poly/neur/itisinflammation of many nerves
poli/o/myel/itisinflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord
cerebr/al thromb/ososabnormal condition of a clot in the cerebrum
sub/dur/al hemat/omablood tumor pertaining to below the dura mater
radic/otomyincision into a nerve root
neur/ectomyexcision of a nerve
neur/orrhaphysuture of a nerve
ganglion/ectomyexcision of a ganglion
neur/otomyincision into a nerve
neur/o/lysisseparating a nerve (from adhesions)
neur/o/plastysurgical repair of a nerve root
rhiz/otomyincision into a nerve
electr/o/encephal/o/gramrecord of the electrical impulses of the brain
electr/o/encephal/o/graphinstrument used to record the electrial impulses of the brain
electr/o/encephal/o/graphyprocess of recording the electrial impulses of the brain
ech/o/encephal/o/graphyprocess of recording the brain (structures) by use of sound
myel/o/gramx-ray film of the spinal cord
cerebr/al angi/o/graphyprocess of x-ray filming of the blood vessels in the brain
hemi/plegiaparalysis of half (left or right side of the body)
tetra/plegiaparalysis of four (limbs)
neur/ologistphysician who specializes in neurology
neur/ologybranch of medicine dealing with the nervous system's function and disorders
neur/oidresembling a nerve
quadr/i/plegiaparalysis of four (limbs)
cerebr/alpertaining to the cerebrum
mon/o/plegiaparalysis of one (limb)
a/phas.iacondition of without speaking (loss or impairment of the ability to speak)
dys/phas/iacondition of difficulty speaking
hemi/paresisslight paralysis of half (right or left side of the body)
an/esthesi/awithout (loss of) feeling or sensation
hyper/esthesi/aexcessive sensitivity (to stimuli)
sub/dur/alpertaining to below the dura mater
cephal/algiapain in the head (headache)
psych/o/somat/icpertaining to the mind and body
psych/o/pathy(any) disease of the mind
psych/ologystudy of the mind (mental processes and behavior)
psych/iatrybranch of medicine that deals with the treatment of mental disorders
psych/ologistspecialist in the study of psychology
psych/o/genicoriginating in the mind
phren/icpertaining to the mind
phren/o/pathydisease of the mind
crani/o/cerebr/alpertaining to the cranium and cerebrum
myel/o/malaciasoftening of the spinal cord
encephal/o/sclerosishardening of the brain
post/ictal(occurring) after a seizure or attack
pan/plegiatotal paralysis
inter/ictal(occurring) between seizures or attacks
mon/o/paresisslight paralysis of one (limb)
pre/ictal(occurring) before a seizure or attack
psych/iatrista physician who treats mental disorders

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