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Roman Deities

Learn the names of the Roman gods and goddess and their spheres of influence.

VenusGoddess of love and beauty
MarsGod of war
DianaGoddess of the hunt, the moon and nature
AesculapiusGod of medicine
MinervaGoddess of wisdom
SaturnLeader of the Titans, son of Uranus
CeresGoddess of the earth, grain, and harvests
BacchusGod of wine
PlutoGod of the underworld
AuroraGoddess of dawn
CupidGod of love
FatesThree sisters, spun the thread of human destiny
GracesThree sisters, goddess of banquets, dances, the arts
VulcanGod of fire
JunoSister and wife of Zeus
HerculesSon of Jupiter
MercuryMessenger of the gods, patron of thieves
VestaGoddess of the hearth
CamenaeNine sisters, goddess of the arts and sciences
VictoriaGoddess of victory
NeptuneGod of the oceans
PsycheGoddess of the soul
RomulusFounder of the city of Rome
TitansSons and daughters of Uranus
Jupiter (Jove)Chief god; ruler of heaven

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