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The English Establish 13 Colonies

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King Charles Igave Puritans charter to settle in North America
covenanteach Puritan "free man" signed this agreement
Rhode Islandfirst European colony in the Americas to allow freedom of religion
Metacometled a revolt against the English
New Yorka Dutch colony taken over by the English
Pennsylvaniafounded by the Quakers
William Pennin 1682 he arrived in N. America with about 100 colonists
Middle Colonies"breadbasket of the colonies"
Marylanda new colony for Catholics
Georgiabecame a place to send England's debtors
debtora person who owes money
elevationthe height of land above sea level
proprietorsthe men who owned all the land of a colony
reliefthe difference in height between land areas
tolerateto allow people to have beliefs that are different from one's own

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