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Matching words with clues - Medial /r/

Match the word with the correct clue. Say the words with the /r/ in the middle when you reveal them.

arrestPolice do this to criminals.
coloringYou do this with crayons.
marryYou do this to become husband and wife.
operateSurgeons do this.
interruptingYou do this when you talk while someone else is talking.
DorothyThe girl in the Wizard of Oz.
Captain KangarooHe likes Mister Green Jeans
cerealYou eat this for breakfast.
carrotsBugs Bunny likes these.
zeroIn tennis the score of "love" equals this.
World SeriesImportant baseball games.
arrowThis goes with a bow.
arithmeticAnother word for math.
eraserYou clean a blackboard with this.
correctA word that means right.
dictionaryA book with definitions.
stirrupsThe part of the saddle where you put your feet.
syrupThis goes on pancakes.
gorillaA large ape.
juryThey decide if you are innocent or guilty.
boomerangThis comes back to you if you throw it.
butterflyThis insect used to be a caterpillar.
strawberryA small red fruit.
cameraYou take pictures with this.
tomorrowThe day after today.
sirenIt makes noise.
garageA car is parked in here.
terribleAnother word for awful.
heroHe saves lives.
orangeA kind of juice.
parrotA talking bird.
pyramidThe Egyptians built these.
giraffeAn animal known for its long neck.
parentsYour mother and father.
mirrorYou see your reflection in this.
storyA book tells this.
sorryYou say this when you aplogize.
tooth fairyShe leaves you money.
boringNot interesting or exciting
choirPeople who sing together.
earringsThese hang from ears.
squirrelThis animal collects nuts.
berryA small fruit.
courageA brave person has this.
batteriesElectric toys use these.
dairyWhere milk comes from.
floristYou buy flowers here.
hurryYou do this when you are in a rush.
kangarooA hopping animal.

Margaret Grode

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