Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Matching words with clues - /r/ blends.

Match the word with the clue. Say all the words with the /r/ blends when you reveal them.

ChristmasWhen Santa comes.
bracesThese straighten teeth.
springA season.
frozenFood put in the freezer is this.
fragileA word for breakable.
broomYou sweep with one.
crayonsYou color with these.
frontThe opposite of back.
breakfastA meal you eat in the morning.
FridayThe day before Saturday.
dryerIt dries clothes.
bratA spoiled child.
crookedThe opposite of straight
cryyou do this when you are very sad.
braceletYou wear it on your wrist.
princeThe son of a king.
crownA queen wears this.
brainA body part that thinks.
preschoolThis is before Kindergarten.
brushThis word follows hair, tooth, and paint.
greenYellow and blue make this.
dragonIt breathes fire and smoke.
breadBaked dough.
tractorA farm vehicle.
breatheTake air in and letting it out.
drinkWhat you do with water.
brideA woman is called this on her wedding day.
dreamYour mind does this when you sleep.
bridgeThis goes over water.
framePictures go in this.
grapesA purple or green fruit.
grillYou do this on a barbecue.
groceriesYou get these at the supermarket.
drillA tool that makes holes in wood.
frogThis animal resembles a toad.
freeAt no charge.
groomWhat a man is called on his wedding day.
breezeA soft wind.
brewYou do this to coffee.
engraveWhat you do to bracelets and plaques.
crawlBabies do this.
broadcastingSending a show through the air.
troutA kind of fish.
frisbeeA flying saucer.
chemistryThe study of chemicals and elements.
WoodrowPresident Wilson's first name.
drillyou practice this in case of a fire.
gradesYou find these on report cards.
brimThe front part of a hat.
San FranciscoThe 49ers play here.
mustardIt is yellow.
doorbellYou ring this.
nurseA person who helps a doctor.
angryYou feel this way when you are mad.
artistA painter.
sharpKnives and scissors are this.
barnWhere farm animals live
barkThe outer covering of a tree.
AprilA spring month.
thermometerIts takes your temperature.
toothbrushIt goes with toothpaste.
secretaryA person who works in the office.
armA body part.
marchingWalking in neat rows.
birthdayA special day.
zebraAn animal with stripes.
MarsA planet close to Earth.

Margaret Grode

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