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Geometry Terms

This may be Course I, which is mostly algebra,
but you need to memorize these geometry terms to be successful!!

HexagonA polygon with 6 sides
OctagonA polygon with 8 sides
DecagonA polygon with 10 sides
NonagonA polygon with 9 sides
PentagonA polygon with 5 sides
HeptagonA polygon with 7 sides
DodecagonA polygon with 12 sides
RhombusA parallelogram with 4 equal sides; a wrecked square
Square4 right angles, 4 equal sides
TrapezoidA 4-sided polygon with one pair of parallel sides
Equilateral Triangle3 equal sides, 3 equal angles
Isosceles Triangle2 equal sides, 2 equal angles
Right TriangleA triangle with one 90 degree angle
Obtuse TriangleA triangle with one angle measuring more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees
Acute TriangleA triangle with 3 different angles each measuring under 90 degrees

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