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Fourth Grade Chapter 6

Social Studies Review

What is a warm, wet place where many plants and trees grow closely together?rain forest
The ____ people of Pennsylvania avoid the use of modern machines.Amish
____ help urban areas grow by making shipping easier.harbors
A ___ is where the ships can load their goods.port
A ___ is when there are a bunch of cities really close together.megalopolis
____ is the number of people in an area.population
____ is helping people on vacation in an area.tourism
____ is the surroundings in which plants, animals and people live.environment
The ____ are important because they filter our ____ ____.drinking water
The factory jobs during the ___ ____ made people move to the cities.Industrial Revolution
Boston & Philadelphia have many ____ opportunities.job
The plants in ____ rain forest grow quickly because of the heavy rainfall.Brazil's
Philadelphia is located by the ___ River making it an important transportation center.Delaware
A ____ area is a major city and its suburbs.metropolitan
The rain forest supplies the earth with ____.oxygen
When new machines replaced hand tools it was known as the ___ ____.Industrial Revolution
Banks and hospitals make Boston a ____ center.service
The Northeast and the Amazon Rain forest both have large ____.forests
People who live in ____ areas usually work in factories.urban
Many people in the Northeast are
What kind of forest covers much of South America?tropical rain
What continent does not have a forest region?Antarctica

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