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Native American Vocabulary

Match each of the terms about Native Americans to the correct definition.

adobea type of clay traditionally used as a building material by Native Americans
compromisethe settling of a dispute by each side agreeing to give up part of its demands
coup sticka special weapon used by a warrior to show his bravery by touching, but not killing, his enemy
Kachinathe spirit of an ancestor who was believed to bring rains and make crops grow
lodgea type of home made of logs, grasses, sticks, and soil used by the Native Americans of the Plains
longhousea home shared by several Iroquois families
potlatcha special feast given by Native Americans of the Northwest Coast, in which the guests receive gifts
prairieflat or gently rolling land covered mostly with grasses and wildflowers
puebloa Spanish word meaning "village," used to refer to the apartment-style homes of the Southwest Native Americans
teepeea cone-shaped tent made of animal skins
totem polea tall carved log used by Northwest Coast Native Americans to honor a person or mark a special event
travoisa sled-like device used by Plains Native Americans
wampumpolished beads used in gift-giving and trading by the Iroquois and other Native Americans
winter counta calendar kept by drawing pictures on the hide of an animal
civilizationa culture that has developed systems of government, education, and religion
archaeologista scientist who studies evidence from long ago
artifactan object left behind by people who lived long ago
jerkythin strips of sun-dried meat

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