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European Explorer Vocabulary

Match each of the vocabulary words with the correct definition.

caravela fast sailing ship that could be steered easily and hold large amounts of cargo
chartanother word for map
compassan instrument used for showing directions
colonya settlement far away from the country that rules it
Columbian exchangethe movement of people, plants, and animals back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean
expeditiona journey made for a special purpose
log (journal)a daily record of a ship's speed and progress
navigationthe science of determining a ship's location and direction
Northwest Passagea waterway believed to flow through North America to Asia
profitthe money remaining after the costs of a business have been paid
caravana group of people traveling together
conquistadora name for the Spanish conquerors who first came to North America in the 1500s
missionarya person who teaches his religious beliefs to someone who believes differently

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