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American Government Vocabulary

Match each of the words related to American Government to the correct definition.

amendmentan addition to the Constitution
Articles of Confederationthe rules under which the United States was governed before 1789
Bill of Rightsthe first ten amendments to the Constitution
Cabinetthe officials appointed by the President to be advisors and to head each executive branch department
checks and balancesthe system in which the power of each branch of government is balanced by the powers of other branches
compromiseto give up some of what one wants in order to reach an agreement
Constitutionthe basic law of the United States that provides a framework for our government
Constitutional Conventionthe meeting in Philadelphia, PA, where delegates replaced the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution
constitutionallawful according to the United States Constitution
democracyrule by the people
executive branchthe part of government, headed by the President, that carries out the laws
federal systema system of government in which power is shared between the central and state governments
House of Representativesthe house of Congress in which each state's number of representatives is determined by its population
judicial branchthe part of government that decides the meaning of the laws
legislative branchthe law-making part of government, with the power to raise the money needed to run the government
majoritythe greater number of people
political partya group of people who share similar ideas about government
Preamblethe introduction to the Constitution
republica form of government in which people elect representatives
Senatethe house of Congress in which each state has an equal number of representatives
Supreme Courtthe head of the judicial branch of the federal government
vetoto refuse to approve
Presidentthe head of the executive branch of government

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