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Ionic Compound Naming and Formula Writing List 1

Using this program will help you to learn how to write ionic compound names and formulas for Chemistry A.

Lithium FluorideLiF
Lithium ChlorideLiCl
Lithium BromideLiBr
Lithium IodideLiI
Sodium FluorideNaF
Sodium ChlorideNaCl
Sodium BromideNaBr
Soidum IodideNaI
Potassium FluorideKF
Potassium ChlorideKCl
Potassium BromideKBr
Potassium IodideKI
Cesium FluorideCsF
Cesium ChlorideCsCl
Cesium BromideCsBr
Cesium IodideCsI
Beryllium OxideBeO
Beryllium SulfideBeS
Beryllium SelenideBeSe
Magnesium OxideMgO
Magnesium SulfideMgS
Magnesium SelenideMgSe
Calcium OxideCaO
Calcium SulfideCaS
Calcium SelenideCaSe
Barium OxideBaO
Barium SulfideBaS
Barium SelenideBaSe
Copper(I) FluorideCuF
Copper(I) ChlorideCuCl
Copper(I) BromideCuBr
Copper(I) IodideCuI
Copper(II) OxideCuO
Copper(II) SulfideCuS
Copper(II) SelenideCuSe
Iron(II) OxideFeO
Iron(II) SulfideFeS
Iron(II) SelenideFeSe
Cobalt(II) OxideCoO
Cobalt(II) SulfideCoS
Cobalt(II) SelenideCoSe
Nickel(II) OxideNiO
Nickel(II) SulfideNiS
Nickel(II) SelenideNiSe
Lead(II) OxidePbO
Lead(II) SulfidePbS
Lead(II) SelenidePbSe
Tin(II) OxideSnO
Tin(II) SulfideSnS
Tin(II) SelenideSnSe
Lithium OxideLi2O
Lithium SulfideLi2S
Lithium SelenideLi2Se
Sodium OxideNa2S
Sodium SulfideNa2S
Sodium SelenideNa2Se
Potassium OxideK2O
Potassium SulfideK2S
Potassium SelenideK2Se
Cesium OxideCs2O
Cesium SulfideCs2S
Cesium SelenideCs2Se
Beryllium FluorideBeF2
Beryllium ChlorideBeCl2
Beryllium BromideBeBr2
Beryllium IodideBeI2
Magnesium FluorideMgF2
Magnesium ChlorideMgCl2
Magnesium BromideMgBr2
Magnesium IodideMgI2
Calcium FluorideCaF2
Calcium ChlorideCaCl2
Calcium BromideCaBr2
Calcium IodideCaI2
Barium FluorideBaF2
Barium ChlorideBaCl2
Barium BromideBaBr2
Barium IodideBaI2
Iron(II) FluorideFeF2
Iron(II) ChlorideFeCl2
Iron(II) BromideFeBr2
Iron(II) IodideFeI2
Cobalt(II) FluorideCoF2
Cobalt(II) ChlorideCoCl2
Cobalt(II) BromideCoBr2
Cobalt(II) IodideCoI2
Nickel(II) FluorideNiF2
Nickel(II) ChlorideNiCl2
Nickel(II) BromideNiBr2
Nickel(II) IodideNiI2
Copper(II) FluorideCuF2
Copper(II) ChlorideCuCl2
Copper(II) BromideCuBr2
Copper(II) IodideCuI2
Tin(II) FluorideSnF2
Tin(II) ChlorideSnCl2
Tin(II) BromideSnBr2
Tin(II) IodideSnI2
Lead(II) FluoridePbF2
Lead(II) ChloridePbCl2
Lead(II) BromidePbBr2
Lead(II) IodidePbI2
Iron(III) FluorideFeF3
Iron(III) ChlorideFeCl3
Iron(III) BromideFeBr3
Iron(III) IodideFeI3
Cobalt(III) FluorideCoF3
Cobalt(III) ChlorideCoCl3
Cobalt(III) BromideCoBr3
Cobalt(III) IodideCoI3
Nickel(III) FluorideNiF3
Nickel(III) ChlorideNiCl3
Nickel(III) BromideNiBr3
Nickel(III) IodideNiI3
Tin(IV) FluorideSnF4
Tin(IV) ChlorideSnCl4
Tin(IV) BromideSnBr4
Tin(IV) IodideSnI4
Lead(IV) FluoridePbF4
Lead(IV) ChloridePbCl4
Lead(IV) BromidePbBr4
Lead(IV) IodidePBI4
Lithium NitrideLi3N
Lithium PhosphideLi3P
Sodium NitrideNa3N
Sodium PhosphideNa3P
Potassium NitrideK3N
Potassoum PhosphideK3P
Cesium NitrideCs3N
Cesium PhosphideCs3P
Hydrogen AcetateHC2H3O2
Lithium AcetateLiC2H3O2
Lithium Hydrogen CarbonateLiHCO3
Lithium HydroxideLiOH
Lithium NitrateLiNO3
Lithium PermanganateLiMnO4
Lithium ChlorateLiClO3
Sodium AcetateNaC2H3O2
Sodium Hydrogen CarbonateNaHCO3
Sodium HydroxideNaOH
Sodium NitrateNaNO3
Sodium PermanganateNaMnO4
sodium ChlorateNaClO3
Potassium AcetateKC2H3O2
Potassium Hydrogen CarbonateKHCO3
Potassium HydroxideKOH
Potassium NitrateKNO3
Potassium PermanganateKMnO4
Potassium ChlorateKClO3
Cesium AcetateCsC2H3O2
Cesium Hydrogen CarbonateCsHCO3
Cesium HydroxideCsOH
Cesium NitrateCsNO3
Cesium PermanganateCsMnO4
Cesium ChlorateCsClO3
Silver FluorideAgF
Silver ChlorideAgCl
Silver BromideAgBr
Silver IodideAgI
Silver AcetateAgC2H3O2
Silver Hydrogen CarbonateAgHCO3
Silver HydroxideAgOH
Silver NitrateAgNO3
Silver PermanganateAgMnO4
Silver ChlorateAgClO3
Silver OxideAg2O
Silver SulfideAg2S
Silver SelenideAg2Se
Ammonium AcetateNH4C2H3O2
Ammonium Hydrogen CarbonateNH4HCO3
Ammonium HydroxideNH4OH
Ammonium PermanganateNH4MnO4
Ammonium ChlorateNH4ClO3
Ammonium Oxide(NH4)2O
Ammonium Sulfide(NH4)2S
Ammonium Selenide(NH4)2Se
Beryllium AcetateBe(C2H3O2)2
Beryllium Hydrogen CarbonateBe(HCO3)2
Beryllium HydroxideBe(OH)2
Beryllium PermanganateBe(MnO4)2
Beryllium CarbonateBeCO3
Beryllium ChromateBeCrO4
Beryllium DichromateBeCr2O7
Beryllium SulfateBeSO4
Beryllium PhosphateBe3(PO4)2
Beryllium ChlorateBe(ClO3)2
Magnesium AcetateMg(C2H3O2)2
Magnesium Hydrogen CarbonateMg(HCO3)2
Magnesium HydroxideMg(OH)2
Magnesium PermanganateMg(MnO4)2
Magnesium ChlorateMg(ClO3)2
Magnesium CarbonateMgCO3
Magnesium ChromateMgCrO4
Magnesium DichromateMgCr2O7
Magnesium SulfateMgSO4
Magnesium PhosphateMg3(PO4)2
Calcium AcetateCa(C2H3O2)2
Calcium Hydrogen CarbonateCa(HCO3)2
Calcium HydroxideCa(OH)2
Calcium PermanganateCa(MnO4)2
Calcium ChlorateCa(ClO3)2
Calcium CarbonateCaCO3
Calcium ChromateCaCrO4
Calcium DichromateCaCr2O7
Calcium SulfateCaSO4
Calcium PhosphateCa3(PO4)2
Barium AcetateBa(C2H3O2)2
Barium Hydrogen CarbonateBa(HCO3)2
Barium HydroxideBa(OH)2
Barium PermanganateBa(MnO4)2
Barium ChlorateBa(ClO3)2
Barium CarbonateBaCO3
Barium ChromateBaCrO4
Barium DichromateBaCr2O7
Barium SulfateBaSO4
Barium PhosphateBa3(PO4)2
Zinc FluorideZnF2
Zinc ChlorideZnCl2
Zinc BromideZnBr2
Zinc IodideZnI2
Zinc OxideZnO
Zinc SulfideZnS
Zinc SelenideZnSe
Zinc AcetateZn(C2H3O2)2
Zinc Hydrogen CarbonateZn(HCO3)2
Zinc HydroxideZn(OH)2
Zinc PermanganateZn(MnO4)2
Zinc ChlorateZn(ClO3)2
Zinc CarbonateZnCO3
Zinc ChromateZnCrO4
Zinc DichromateZnCr2O7
Zinc SulfateZnSO4
Zinc PhosphateZn3(PO4)2
Iron(II) AcetateFe(C2H3O2)2
Iron(II) Hydrogen CarbonateFe(C2H3O2)2
Iron(II) HydroxideFe(OH)2
Iron(II) PermanganateFe(MnO4)2
Iron(II) ChlorateFe(ClO3)2
Iron(II) CarbonateFeCO3
Iron(II) ChromateFeCrO4
Iron(II) DichromateFeCr2O7
Iron(II) SulfateFeSO4
Iron(II) PhosphateFe3(PO4)2
Iron(II) NitrateFe(NO3)2
Zinc NitrateZn(NO3)2
Barium NitrateBa(NO3)2
Calcium NitrateCa(NO3)2
Magnesium NitrateMg(NO3)2
Beryllium NitrateBe(NO3)2
Silver NitrateAgNO3

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