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Polyatomic flash and match

Common polyatomic ions and their formulas. The subscript numbers are the numbers in ( ). The charge is noted last. example CrO(4) 2-

Ammonium ionNH(4) +
Acetate ionCH(3) CO(2) -
Carbonate ionCO(3) 2-
Bicarbonate ionHCO(3) -
Dichromate ionCr(2) O(7) 2 -
Cyanide ionCN -
Hydroxide ionOH -
Hypochlorite ionOCL -
Nitrate ionNO(3) -
Nitrite ionNO(2) -
Permanganate ionMnO(4) -
Phosphate ionPO(4) 3-
Hydrogen Phosphate ionHPO(4) 2-
Dihydrogen phosphateH(2) PO(4) -
Sulfate ionSO(4) 2-
Bisulfate ionHSO(4) -
Sulfite ionSO(3) 2-
Chromate ionCrO(4) 2-
Thiocyanide ionSCN -

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