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BRAVO, level one, 8:3

voc. review, page 494 in text

el árboltree
el cielosky
la estrellastar
la lunamoon
la bateríabattery
el centro de reciclajerecycling center
el corochorus
el envasecontainer; bottle; jar
la lata (tin) can
acostarseto go to bed
me acostéI went to bed
se acostóhe/she went to bed
almorzarto eat breakfast
almorcéI ate breakfast
almorzóhe/she ate breakfast
alquilarto rent
alquiléI rented
alquilóhe/she rented
bailarto dance
bailéI danced
bailóhe/she danced
bañarseto bathe
me bañéI bathed
se bañóhe/she bathed
buscarto look for
busquéI looked for
buscóhe/she looked for
cantarto sing
cantéI sang
cantóhe/she sang
cepillarseto brush
me cepilléI brushed
se cepillóhe/she brushed
cocinarto cook
cocinéI cooked
cocinóhe/she cooked
conversarto converse; to talk
converséI talked
conversóhe/she talked
cortarto cut
cortéI cut
cortóhe/she cut
descansarto rest
descanséI rested
descansóhe/she rested
ducharseto shower
me duchéI showered
se duchóhe/she showered
empezarto begin
empecéI began
empezóhe/she began
estudiarto study
estudiéI studied
estudióhe/she studied
ganarto win
ganéI won
ganóhe/she won
hablarto speak
habléI spoke
hablóhe/she spoke
hacerto do; to make
hiceI made
hicisteyou (friendly) made
hizohe/she made
hicieronthey made
jugarto play
juguéI played
jugóhe/she played
lavarto wash
lavéI washed
lavóhe/she washed
levantarseto get up
me levantéI got up
se levantóhe/she got up
limpiarto clean
limpiéI cleaned
limpióhe cleaned
mirarto look at
miréI looked at
miróhe/she looked at
pasarto spend time; to happen; to pass
paséI spent time
pasóhe/she spent time
pescarto fish
pesquéI fished
pescóhe/she fished
plancharto iron
planchéI ironed
planchóhe/she ironed
practicarto practice
practiquéI practiced
practicóhe/she practiced
prepararto prepare
preparéI prepared
preparóhe/she prepared
quedarseto stay
me quedéI stayed
se quedóhe/she stayed
reciclarto recycle
recicléI recycled
reciclóhe/she recycled
repasarto review
repaséI reviewed
repasóhe/she reviewed
sacarto get
saquéI got
sacóhe/she got
separarto separate
separéI separated
separóhe/she separated
tocarto play
toquéI played
tocóhe/she played
tomarto take; to drink
toméI drank
tomóhe/she drank
trabajarto work
trabajéI worked
trabajóhe/she worked
anochelast night
anteayerthe day before yesterday
el fin de semana pasadolast week end
el mes pasadolast month
el año pasadolast year
la semana pasadalast week
¿Qué hiciste?What did you do?
¿Qué hizo?What did he/she do?
No hice nada.He/she didn't do anything.
¡Qué cansancio!What fatigue!

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