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Ch.6: Using Thermal Energy

Important words from chapter 6

ConductionThe transfer of enery through direct contact
FluidA materia that can flow
ConvectionThe transfer of energy through movement of the matter
RadiationThe transfer of energy through waves, does not require matter
InsulatorsDo not allow heat to move easily through them
RadiatorHeats air near it by conduction, may be in your house
Solar EnergyEnergy form the sun
Solar CollectorsDevices that absorb solar energy
Thermal PollutionWhen waste thermal energy raises the temp. of the environment
Cooling TowersStructures which help to reduce thermal pollution
Heat EngineConvert thermal energy to mechanical energy
CombustionRapid burning
Internal Combustion EngineBurns fuel inside cyclinders
External Combustion EngineFuel is burned outside the engine
Heat MoverAn refrigerator for example
Heat PumpA two-way heat mover


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