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Ch. 13: Organic and Biological Compounds

Important words for chapter 13

Organic compoundsCompounds that contain carbon.
HydrocarbonsMade of only carbon and hydrogen.
Saturated hydrocarbonsContain only single-bonded carbons.
Unsaturated hydrocarbonsContain double and triple bonded carbons.
IsomersHave the same chemical formula, but a different chemical structure.
Aromatic compoundContains a benzene ring
Substiuted hydrocarbonHas one or more of its hydrogen atoms replaced by atoms of other elements.
AlcoholMade when an OH group replacesa hydrogen.
BiomassAll animal and plant material.
Energy FarmingGrowing plants for use as fuel not food.
GasoholCombination of ethanol and gasoline.
PolymersHuge molecules made of many smaller molecules.
ProteinsA polymer formed from amino acids.
Nucleic acidsA polymer made from nucleotides; DNA
CarbohydratesCompound with twice as many hydrogens than oxygens.


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