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Ch. 15: Solutions

Important words for chapter 15

SoluteThe substance being dissolved.
SolventThe substance that dissolves the solute
DesalinationAny method that removes salts from ocean water.
DistillationEvaporating, condensing, and collecting water.
SolubilityThe maximum number of grams of a substance that will dissolve in 100g of solvent.
Saturated solutionHas dissolved all the solute it can at a given temp.
Unsaturated solutionCan dissolve more solute at a given temp.
Supersaturated solutionContains more solute than a saturated one has at that temp.
DissociationWhen an ionic solid dissolves in water.
IonizationWhen certain polar substance dissolve in water.
ElectrolyteA substance that separates into ions or forms ions in a water solution.
NonelectrolyteA substance whose water solutions are nonconducting.


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