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Ch.16: Chemical Reactions

Important words for chapter 16

Chemical ReactionsA well-defined example of a chemical change.
ReactantsThe substances you start with, on the left.
ProductsThe new substances formed, on the right.
CoefficientsThe 4 in 4Al.
CFC'sCompounds of chlorine, fluorine, and carbon.
Balanced chemical equationHas the same number of atoms of each element on both sides of the equation.
Synthesis reactionA + B ---> AB
Decomposition reactionAB ----> A + B
Single displacement reactionA + BC ----> AC + B
PrecipitateA solid that forms from a chemical reaction.
Double displacement reactionAB + CD ----> AD + CB
Endothermic reactionsWhen they take place they feel cold.
Exothermic reactionsWhen they take place they feel warm.
CatalystSpeeds up a chemical reaction without being used up.
InhibitorSlows down a reaction.


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