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Chapter 6 Ecology


Ecologythe study of the interactions in an ecosystem
EcosystemSystem made up of organisms interacting with each other and with the nonliving parts of that system
BiospherePart of the Earth where organisms can live
Biotic FactorsLiving parts of an ecosystem
Abiotic FactorsNonliving things in an ecosytem
PopulationGroup of the same type of organism living in the same place at the same time
CommunityAll of the populations living in an area
Limiting FactorSomething that limits the size of a population
NicheRole of an organism in its ecosystem
HabitatPlace where an organism lives out its life
Threatened SpeciesSpecies needing protection but not in danger of extinction yet
Endangered SpeciesAny species in danger of becoming extinct because so few are left
ProducerOrganism that makes its own food
ConsumerOrganism that eats other organisms
DecomposerEats dead organisms or wastes of organisms
ScavengerAnimal that feeds on dead or decaying animals that it did not kill
CarnivoreAnimal that eats the flesh of other animals
HerbivoreAnimal that feeds on plants
OmnivoreAnimal that eats both plants and animals
PredatorCatches and eats other living animals

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