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Geography Review

Use this review to help you review geography terms and physical features.

Locationwhere things are located (absolute and relative)
Placewhat makes a place different from other places
Human/Environment Interactionhow people change the environment to better suit their needs
Movementpatterns of movement for people, products and information
Regionsdividing the earth into regions for study (regions can be based on area, language, religions, vegetation, culture... etc)
latitudedistance north or south of the Equator
longitudedistance east or west of the Prime Meridian
Equatorimaginary line that is 0' latitude
Prime Meridianimaginary line that is 0' longitude
tropicsarea between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
climatepattern of weather over time
compass rosefound on a map, shows N/E/S/W
scalefound on a map, used to measure distances
continentslarge land masses of the world
altitudeheight above sea level
physical mapsmaps with landforms and elevations
political mapsmaps with country boundries and capital cities
precipitationmoisture that falls to the ground as rain or snow
tundratype of vegetation in cold, dry regions, mostly mosses and grasses
natural vegetationplant life that grows naturally in a place
North Pole90' North
South Pole90' South
another name for lines of longitudemeridians
another name for lines of latitudeparallels
weatherdaily condition of the air around us
climatepattern of weather over a long period of time
plainarea of land that is primarily flat
plateauelevated area of flat land with steep sides
peninsulaland jutting out from mainland and surrounded by water on three sides
deltatriangular shaped deposit of mud and silt deposited by a river at its mouth
mouththe end of a river
sourcethe start of a river
islandsmall body of land surrounded by water
baypart of an ocean or lake extending into land
isthmusnarrow strip of land joining two large land areas
mountaina very high hill (above 2,000 feet in elevation)
tributarya stream that flows into a larger river
valleylow land between hills or mountains
the proper way to write absolute locationlatitude, longitude
Woodland Park is northwest of Colorado SpringsWoodland Park's relative location

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