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Biology Taxonomy and Classification

Genus and speciesThese classifications make up the scientific name.
FungusOne of the major five kingdoms. It does not have chlorophyll, so it gets its nutrition from decomposing things.
PlantsOne of the five kingdoms. They make their own food.
MoneransThis is one of the five kingdoms. They are microorganisms that do not have a nucleus.
ProtistsOne of the five kingdoms. These are microorganisms with a nucleus.
AnimalsOne of the five kingdoms. They can not make their own food and are multicellular.
PhylumThe classification after kingdom.
SpeciesThe classification after genus
ClassThe classification after phylum.
OrderThe classification after class.
FamilyThe classification after order.
GenusThe classification after family.
dorsalThe back of an organism.
ventralThe front of an organism.

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