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MKT 22

physical distributionall the activities that help to ensure that the right amount of product is delivered to the right place at the right time
transportationthe marketing function of moving products from a seller to a buyer
common carriersa company that provides transportation services to any business in its operating area for a fee
private carrierscarrier that transports goods for an individual business
exempt carrierscarrier of agricultural products, free from direct regulation of rates and operating procedures
ton-milethe movement of one ton of freight one mile
carloadthe minimum number of pounds of freight needed to fill a boxcar
freight forwardersprivate companies that combine less than carload or less than truckload shipments from several different businesses and deliver them to their destinations; in international business, companies licensed by the U.S. Maritime Commission to handle export details
storagethe marketing function of holding goods until they are sold
private warehousea facility designed to meet the specific needs of its owner
public warehousea facility that offers storage and handling facilities to individuals or companies
distribution centera warehouse designed to speed delivery of goods and to minimize storage costs
bonded warehousepublic or private warehouses that store products requiring the payment of a federal tax
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