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Geog Vocab

GeographyThe study of where people, places, and things are located.
Absolute locationExact location using latitude and longitude.
EquatorImaginary line that divides the earth into two separate halves.
HemisphereHalf of a sphere.
LatitudeLines that run parallel to the equator.
LongitudeLines that meet at the poles.
Prime meridian0 degree, starting point for the world time zones. Located at Greenwich, England.
Relative locationLocation in relationship to other places.
PlacePhysical and human characteristics of a location.
Human/environmental interactionHow humans change the environment through their actions.
MovementMovement of people, goods, and ideas.
RegionLarge area of land that has similar characteristics.
Tropic of Cancer23 1/2 degrees north of the equator.
Tropic of Capricorn23 1/2 degrees south of the equator.
Arctic Circle66 1/2 degrees north of the equator.
Antarctic Circle66 1/2 degrees south of the equator.
Five Themes of GeographyLocation, place, human/environment interaction, movement, and region.

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