Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.


Three people play this game. Contestants are asked questions in several categories. You only move ahead a space by answering correctly. You are given grades for your correct answers. 1-3 incorrect = A, 4-6 incorrect = B, 7-9 incorrect = C, 10-12 incorrect = D, and 13-15 incorrect = F.

Who was the first president?George Washington
What is Garfield?A cartoon cat
What language do the Chinese speake?Chinese
Who comes down the chimney on christmas eve?Santa Claus
What is a river that ends in the Gulf of Mexico?Mississippi river
What is a sport that has a basket involved?Basketball
What language do Americans speake?English
What did 1800's people use for transportation?Steam boats, horse, buggies (wagon), walking
Who is the father of everyone in the world?God
Who died for us?Jesus
In San fansisco, how far apart do you think the houses are appart?A few feet
What do alot of girls and sometimes boys write in?Diary or journal
What do alot of little kids watch on TV?Barney and Sesame street
What pets do alot of people have?Dog and cat
How many oceans do we have in the world?4. Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Pacific

Margot Boeke

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