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8th - Ch. 2 - American Revolution Vocabulary

Father of our countryGeorge Washington
Organized the Boston Tea PartySons-of-Liberty
First two battles of the American RevolutionLexington and Concord
Commander in chief of the colonial soldiersGeorge Washington
The policy of weakly enforcing the laws that govern a colonySalutary Neglect
The religious revival that developed independence in the churchs throughout the coloniesThe Great Awakening
The set of laws passed by Parliament that were designed to punish the colonist for the Boston Tea PartyThe Intolerable Acts
The policy that was passed to keep the colonist on the east side of the Appalachian MountainsProclamation of 1763
The war between the British and the French that gave Washington his first experiences as a military leaderFrench and Indian War
The law that placed a tax on written documents such as playing cards, marriage licenses, contracts etc.The Stamp Act
The document, written to the world, that explains the reasons why America was seeking it's freedomThe Declaration of Independence
The action taken by the colonist in response to the tax on teaThe Boston Tea Party
Leader of the Sons of LibertySamuel Adams

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