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Skeletal System

AbductionMovement away from the body.
AdductionMovement towards the body
Appendicular SkeletonBones of the limbs, pectoral, and pelvic girdle.
ArticulationWhere ever two bones meet.
Axial SkeletonThe skull, vertebra column, ribs, and sternum.
Ball and Socket JointJoints typical found in shoulder and hip. A round ball fits inside of a cup.
CircumductionA movement when the bones at the distal end make a circle but the shaft does not.
Compact BoneDense bone
DepressionDownward movement of a body part.
DorsiflexionElevation of the foot up.
Ellipsoidal JointAn oval face nestles within a depression. Carpal bones and ulna.
ElevationMovement is an upward direction.
ExtensionMovement that increase in the angle between two bones.
EversionTurning the sole of the foot out
FlexionMovement that reduces the angle between two bones.
FractureBreaks in the bone.
Gliding JointBones that slide past one another.
Hinge JointPermit movement like a door hinge.
HyperextensionAn extension that is past the normal extension, usually limited by ligaments.
InversionTwisting your foot so the sole is inward.
LigamentConnect bone to bone.
MarrowLose connective tissue found in the cannels of spongy bone. Responsible for the creation of red blood cells.
OppositionSpecial movement of the thumb
OsteoblastPrecursor cells that create new bones.
OsteoclastBone cells that help regulate the calcium and phosphate in the body.
OsteocyteBone cells
PeriosteumOuter covering of the bone
Pivot JointsAllow rotation.
Plantar FlexionDownward movement of the foot.
PronationTurning your hand from front to back
ProtractionMoving a part of the body anteriorly in the horizontal plane.
RetractionMove a part of the body inferiorly in the horizontal plane.
RotationTurning on the longitudinal axis.
Saddle JointFaces that resemble saddles, convex and concave sides that nestle together, your phalanges are examples here.
Spongy BoneHas lots of cannels that are filled with bone marrow.
SupinationTurning you hand from back to front

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