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Water Treatment

Vocabulary words dealing with water treatment

Ground waterWater beneath the ground.
Point source pollutionSource of contamination.
PlumeContaminants seeping underground from concentrated masses.
Distribution systemNetwork of pipes that deliver water to our homes.
Surface waterWater on the earth's surface.
Water Treatment PlantFacility that removes impurities from water berfore entering the distribution system.
WastewaterWater that has been used.
Leaching systemA buried network of pipes with holes through which water passes.
Wastewater Treatment PlantFacility where wastewater is cleaned by mechanical, and chemical processes and discharged into ground or surface water.
Acid rainPrecipitation that contains large amounts of acid.
SolutionA mixture made by dissolving a substance in a liquid.
pHThe unit of measure for determining whether a solution is acidic, a basic, or neutral.
pH scaleUsed to measure pH.
AcidHas a pH less than 7 (ex. vinegar or rain water).
BaseHas a pH greater than 7 (ex. milk of magnesia and eggs).
NeutralHas a pH of 7 and is neither an acid or a base (ex. pure water).
Dirty falloutAir pollutants dropped by winds.
Prevailing windsBlow from one direction.
Dry depositsAir pollutants that fall to the ground quickly without combining with moisture.
Wet depositsPollutants that mix with moisture in the air to form acids before falling.

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