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Set 1, To Kill a Mockingbird

Use these games to review your vocabulary.

amiablefriendly; social
tyrannicaldespotic; cruel; unjust
diminutivelittle, small
malevolentmalicious; hateful; villlainous
eccentricodd, strange
sullenmoody; morose; irritable; sour
solitarysole; lone; single; only
furtivesecretive; sly
genialfriendly; pleasant; cheerful; agreeable
stealthysecret; furtive; sly
adamantfirm; resolute; unbending
infalliblenot capable of making a mistake
tentativeindefinite; conditional; provisional
indignantrightously angry; irate; offended
vapidflat; dull; lifeless
impudentrude; disrespectful; impertinent; flippant
nebulousvague; obscure; indistinct
refrainto hold back
prejudiceintolerance; bias
dictumdeclaration; assertion; pronouncement
assuagesoothe; lessen pain or worry
taciturnsilent; quiet; closed-mouthed
indigenousinherent; inborn; native
literatescholarly; lettered
illicitillegal; unlawful
compelledobliged; impelled
sojournvisit; vacation; stopover
onslaughta fierce attack

Patricia Olson

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